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Is this my life?

What is it we are afraid of? Why do we want to be accepted by people? Why do we seek approval from others? Why do people make us look bad for them to look good. There are subtle lies and incomplete truth. How do we triumph against this enemy without form or name, conceded by void Where is the light to give meaning to this sweet, oh sweet Life borne of Love The masters have spoken it endlessly it is like what is outside that which is inside Peter has the key within the temple of the Holy One Eli made it doubly balanced The number is 4 doubly seated it is at the gate of the temple at Delphi "Nosce te ipsum" Know thyself !!
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What Is Empowerment

WHAT IS EMPOWERMENT? Perhaps, we should try to understand the process by which a person feels empowered before exploring the formal definition of empowerment. (The story of the performer) According to Rappaport [1987], “empowerment can be psychological in the sense of personal control or influence; and a concern with actual social influence, political power and legal rights”. McArdle [1989] defines empowerment as “the process whereby decisions are made by people who have to bear the consequences of those decisions”. As a Man Thinketh Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities, community development, self-help, participation, networking and equality, strengthen one’s belief in his (her) self efficacy. Therefore, any real empowerment must be “self-empowerment”. There must be an internal urge to influence and control [Conger and Kanungo,

Work from Home for Fun and Profit

More and more people are catching on to the wonderful opportunities that exist through the internet to make money being creative, selling junk they have lying around the house, and doing a myriad of other things that can bring in extra income. While few of these internet businesses will bring in enough cash to let you quit your day job, they are perfect if you would like a little  money to supplement your salary. Best of all, the range of internet based jobs is so vast, virtually anyone can find a business that caters to their talents and/or interests. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular ways people are making more money from home.  The internet has created a demand for well written content. If you have always wanted to make money writing articles, this may be your chance to jump in and test the waters. Websites need a consistent flow of new content in order to rank well in the search engines and bring visitors back to their sites. They are willing to pay for

The Truth About Money

Financial Falacies A complete history of all the want, misery, crime and distress brought to the humanity by the means of financial panics brought about by the suspension of specie payments and bank failures would fill volumes with records of untold suffering. Upon every page would be inscribed the wail of starving children, the breaking hearts of women, and the blighting despair which comes to manhood when the toil of his best years has been swept away forever. Humanity has been desolated by what is commonly termed a financial panic, which has brought ruin and robbery to hundreds and thousands of its people. Millions upon millions of dollars’ worth of property have been consigned to the hands of a receiver and sacrificed under the sheriff’s hammer. Millions more have been foreclosed at one-third its real value. The hard earnings of a lifetime have been swept away, and the aged and despoiled have found their only solace in the comforts of a county poorhouse. Men, women and children h

To Start A Business Sucessfully

Starting a Business is the beginning of a journey. You have a destination and a way of travel. You have a travel agent and you will have to deal with people along the way. There may even be obstacles to overcome such as detours begin a journey like this without a map? A map for a business journey is called a business plan . A business plan is the most important step in starting your own business. You must have a plan in mind and on paper to get loans any type of investing support. Introduction Your first page will be a cover page that will have the name of your business and the names and addresses of all the people involved. The second page will be the introduction. You will explain in a few simple sentences what your business does and relate any of it's accomplishments. Write any information that will capture the imagination of the reader so that he will read on! Also it could be good to let the reader know what is needed from him. Pro

Making Eye Contact

Many of my executive clients are challenged to remember the names of the multitude of individuals working for and around them. They buy books on name recognition and about creating new habits. For the most part, this works, at least for a while. What is their goal? In the rush of their fast-paced days, these leaders simply want others to know how much they care, to make their employees feel valued and appreciated. You would be able to establish the same click when you cannot bring up the individual's name by the simple joy of direct and deeply-earnest eye contact? The Wholesale Article Club In First Impressions, What You Don't Know About How Others See You, authors Ann Demarais, Ph.D. and Valerie White, Ph.D. write the following about eye contact: Eye contact is a clear indication of interest, especially in American culture. We normally look others in the eye most of the time we are talking to them. The rest of the time we may be looking at their mouths, oth