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Mixed Feelings

Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli As I sat in front of my borrowed laptop, Thoughts swarm through the labyrinth of my mind. Like the Myth, "Who is John Galt?" I asked myself. Who is Hoselita? I thought about the space I dissolve into. I am nobody, I am nothing. yet “I Am” Who Am I? Why do I get so tired ever so often? The space I dissolve into fills me with . . . nothing live anew? What do I do? Where do I start from? Who can give a reason to all my unanswered questions? Success seems to elude me. What could I be doing wrong or not doing? I must really lack imagination and commitment but then again. . . "The Content Of Your Thought And Personal Belief". ( Thus... where do I go from here? "Must I weep for goats and cowries" I know I must pass through the jungle. The jungle from whence I originated and thither shall I pass. As I pass through the many faceted gems of life, absorbing the different fragrance of exper

Online Business Start-up Checklist and Guide.

Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli Internet Access If you're looking to start-up a business online, you need unlimited, fast internet access. You also need an ISP that allows you to send as much email as you want. When you're shopping for a new ISP, be sure to ask them if it's okay to grow your business with them. If they say yes, make sure they know that this means holding them to their promise of "unlimited use". A Professional Email Program A professional email program will allow you to utilize the low-cost e-marketing methods that are essential to your online business success. Resources: These are the best email programs available on the internet and they can be downloaded for free at the following URL's Your Own Domain Name 20 Reasons To Have Your Own Website 1. It improves your credibility as an Internet marketer. 2. Gives you the freedom to present and emphasize the