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14 Secrets Of The Online Gurus

What the Professionals don’t reveal about Your Online Business Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli To succeed in any online business, you must be seen to offer an essential service. I thought I should summarize the above statement from my online experience and give you something nobody ever says online. I know a lot of us love to read in bullets or numbers to get the gist at a glance, so I would just do that since I am a lazy writer. 1. Everybody operates the Internet as a game of numbers. Just reach as much people as possible, market your money making product, get the money and no proper training outline and little or no support. 2. You log unto a site and the curse of technology overwhelms you both mentally and psychologically. You are practically suffocating in piles and piles of information that leads to yet another labyrinth and you begin to believe that you are really in the spider’s snare and it tentacles are about to go round your body. Well I felt like t

The Content Of Your Thought And Personal Belief

Hoselita Ikoli I must admit, I was not in a good mood when I sat down to write this article. In fact I couldn't think of anything interesting, much less Inspiring, to say. So what do you do when you have to throw your best foot forward when all you want to do is to wallow in self pity, procrastinate, and just be nothing. My behavior lately is to put things off till the last moment, thinking there is alway time. Avoid doing it and carry the same to-do-list everyday. Boy who am I fooling! But today was different for me. Why? search me! All I know is that something snapped inside of me and I knew I am absolutely finished with negative state of mind. At least, for now. I'd had enough and it was time to move on and make changes. What did I do? Sitting in front of the mirror with my dairy spread in front of me, I started writing out all the negative thoughts that I attributed to my bad mood. There were about 14 pity guest feasting in my moment of weakness. Mine! W