14 Secrets Of The Online Gurus

What the Professionals don’t reveal
about Your Online Business

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To succeed in any online business, you must be seen to offer an
essential service. I thought I should summarize the above
statement from my online experience and give you something
nobody ever says online.

I know a lot of us love to read in bullets or numbers to
get the gist at a glance, so I would just do that since I
am a lazy writer.

1. Everybody operates the Internet as a game of numbers. Just
reach as much people as possible, market your money making
product, get the money and no proper training outline
and little or no support.

2. You log unto a site and the curse of technology
overwhelms you both mentally and psychologically.

You are practically suffocating in piles and piles of information
that leads to yet another labyrinth and you begin to believe that
you are really in the spider’s snare and it tentacles are about to
go round your body. Well I felt like that, ever in a myriad because
of lack of proper organisation of the training centers of some of
these programs plus, slow support response or total lack of
response except you get response from autoresponders.(machines)

• Good News! I just found an Exciting place where
the training is superb. If you are an Internet Dummy
like me. Then the PlugInProfitSite is your bet. It teaches
you step by step method of incorporating a lot of
money making ventures and ideas together.

3. Anyway, How frustrating can that be? Your questions on
support issues not properly answered. Nowhere to really go from
there... To crown it all it looks like you have to always go through
a short course to get somewhere which might later be nowhere.
What next…

What They Aren’t Saying- about Your Online Business

1. It as serious as any other business you really want to develop
and grow, especially long-term focus.

2. The growth rate you desire will be determined by
your basic knowledge
of the internet as well as the amount
of effort and time you put into it.

3. You must always learn to be focused. Your dreams and
your goals must be clearly defined and kept in clear focus.

4. No pain no gain. (If you learn to enjoy the work you do,
you will always look forward to spending time on it.
The time and effort you invest in your business should
not be an incidence).

5. Look before You Leap. Research all business ideas and
for consistency before you plunge into it. Good
programs are usually designed for beginners since the Gurus
already know their way around. If you are a beginner and you
can’t find your way around a program, chances are that it is
not meant for you.

These are great sites that give you your money’s worth and much more . . .

PlugInProfitSite - Great for Beginners
Empowerism - Great for Beginners
SFI marketing - Free Membership
Traffic Swarm - Free Membership
IMC – – Free Membership

The 5 programs above are a synergy to one another so that you
get a well-rounded lesson about online business.

6. If per chance you are still reading this then it is safe to assume
that you are probably thinking about an online business.Perhaps
you probably want to visit Stone Evans the PlugInProfitSite Guy
to learn all you need to know about Online Success.

It is better to save about $600 - $1,000 before embarking on
your online or offline business which can yield more than that
in a month’s time given the proper guidance and support

7. But for your business to grow, You Must Advertise. The
degree of advertisement will determine the extent of your growth.
For advert an average of $500 is needed for a starter

8. You can be rest assured that I went through the hard way to
get here? Before you join any program you must learn to look
at the smaller prints.
Read everything on the website.
Website should be easy to navigate.

If you do things the shortcut method, expect to get
short term results.

There Are No Shortcuts ! ! !

9. You must be open minded and ready to learn everyday.

10. For Online Business Start-Up, like any other business you
must invest a lot of time and effort. From my experience,
a novice going through the right process of learning Online
Business will need a minimum of 1-3 months to start making
money online. This income will cover all expenses and yield
dividends: 10 times greater about only a month - 3 months:
provided you have all the Online support you need.

11. Online support should not take more than 24 hours.
After acknowledgment, expect to get a reply. Tops, 3 days.

12. Be prepared to test new strategies when your business starts
growing. Be adventurous but cautious.

13. Are you ready to maintain the discipline of being your own boss?
NOBODY IS WATCHING YOU... That takes a lot of discipline.


The list can go on and on but I would like to defer to some other time.
I hope to see you soon.

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