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The Content Of Your Thought And Personal Belief

Hoselita Ikoli

I must admit, I was not in a good mood when I sat down to write this article. In fact I couldn't think of anything interesting, much less Inspiring, to say.

So what do you do when you have to throw your best foot forward when all you want to do is to wallow in self pity, procrastinate, and just be nothing.

My behavior lately is to put things off till the last moment, thinking there is alway time. Avoid doing it and carry the same to-do-list everyday. Boy who am I fooling!

But today was different for me. Why? search me! All I know is that something snapped inside of me and I knew I am absolutely finished with negative state of mind. At least, for now. I'd had enough and it was time to move on and make changes.

What did I do?

Sitting in front of the mirror with my dairy spread in front of me, I started writing out all the negative thoughts that I attributed to my bad mood. There were about 14 pity guest feasting in my moment of weakness.

Mine! What is the solution then. I just rephrased all the negative thoughts to their POSITIVE ASPECTS.


Half way through the solutions my mind was crystal clear. I could feel even the tiniest vibrations of my being. I was bursting with excitement. My mood was uplifted. I started to remember who I am and what I am capable of creating. I am not crazy about the fact that it is so easy to forget who I am, but I am enthralled with the transformation anytime I remember.

Do you know what I found out?

There are two scenarios that are always present anytime I find myself in a sorry state situation.

1.I do not take time for myself to meditate and order my day.

2. I've gotten caught up in other peoples dramas and negativity until it feels like my own.

Take away those two scenarios and I return to being a joy-seeking, life-celebrating creative person. And I will bet everyone reading this can relate one way or the other. I will bet you can think of at least one behavior that, when added to or subtracted from your daily life, changes your entire perspective.

Primarily, I wanted to remind you that you are not alone. Everyone experiences foul mood. Even those people we associate with positive energy and success. We all have moment, days, weeks or months that make us ask, "why bother?" It is part of our human nature to forget who we are. But forgeting only makes remembering that much sweeter.

Hail and Hearty

Hoselita Ikoli

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