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20+ Reasons To Have Your Own Website

Acknowlegement: John Wilson This is dedicated to new SFI Affiliates . Don't forget to checkout Online Business Checklist and Guide. 20+ Reasons To Have Your Own Website 1. Improves your credibility as an Internet marketer Affiliate Team Leader. 2. Gives you the freedom to present and emphasize the Affiliate information you want the way you want to. 3. You can send e-mail using your chosen domain name. 4. Makes your Online training information and tips easily available to your affiliates. 5. Allows you to set up a blog on your site. (CPanel hosting make it a 5-minute task using Fantastico on CPanel to auto-install a WordPress blog on your Website). Posting to your blog on a regular basis will improve your site's exposure on the search engines—very beneficial. 6. You can create a forum where your team members can find and help one another...and you could help them all. 7. Adding your own content o