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20+ Reasons To Have Your Own Website

Acknowlegement: John Wilson

This is dedicated to new SFI Affiliates.

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20+ Reasons To Have Your Own Website

1. Improves your credibility as an Internet marketer Affiliate Team Leader.

2. Gives you the freedom to present and emphasize the Affiliate information you want the way you want to.

3. You can send e-mail using your chosen domain name.

4. Makes your Online training information and tips easily available to your affiliates.

5. Allows you to set up a blog on your site. (CPanel hosting make it a 5-minute task using Fantastico on CPanel to auto-install a WordPress blog on your Website). Posting to your blog on a regular basis will improve your site's exposure on the search engines—very beneficial.

6. You can create a forum where your team members can find and help one another...and you could help them all.

7. Adding your own content on a regular and continued basis is a sure way to get you noticed by the search engines. You can use articles your affiliates submit, providing exposure for them, along with a link back to their Website.

8. You can setup a page to attractively frame your favorite Affiliate/SFI Gateway(s).Affiliate Program

9. Allows you to offer more training options for your team with ebooks, software, and special reports in downloadable form.

10. You can host a site for your "technology challenged" affiliates. It could be as simple as just another page within your main

11. Providing an RSS feed from your site can let you deliver your sales or training messages without needing someone's e-mail address, thereby expanding your reach to prospective customers. If you need to become familiar with RSS, try this free RSS reader:

12. Setting up a form on your Web page allows you to collect visitors' names and e-mail addresses. Set the form to post the information to your Autoresponder or a database on your site. Check with your Web host for instructions on setting this up.

13. You can setup a page for exchanging relevant links to other Websites. This could help you improve your search engine rankings, which would then increase the traffic arriving at your site.

14. With your own Website, you could then join Traffic Swarm and other traffic exchanges for some free traffic.

15. You can install your own autoresponder on your Webserver to automate your e-mail followup tasks. Even better, by hosting the autoresponder yourself, you won't have to pay monthly fees for a separate autoresponder service.

16. By copy/pasting some code, you can setup a Webpage to redirect to another page, letting you "hide" long, awkward links with affiliate numbers that' are often rejected by many search engines and advertising places. For example: could become

17. You can provide helpful FAQs for your team members, providing a simple page in which to direct your new affiliates for questions.

18. Adding audio, video, and other multimedia content can improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of your offer.

19. Creating and maintaining your own Website allows you to learn more about and become more comfortable with today's technology. As you grow more confident with running your own site and online business, you can pass this valuable knowledge on to others.

20. As you learn more about setting up an online business and Website, you can then sell your skills in the form of content for others' sites.

21. On online business is an indirect way of training in Managing your own business.

22. You could become a weg designer, a domain host company, article syndicator, Business Concierge, Motivation speaker, the list is endless.

I hope to come up with more soon.

Have a wonderful time building your business

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