Mixed Feelings

Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli

As I sat in front of my borrowed laptop,
Thoughts swarm through the labyrinth of my mind.

Like the Myth, "Who is John Galt?" I asked myself.
Who is Hoselita?

I thought about the space I dissolve into.
I am nobody, I am nothing.
yet “I Am”

Who Am I? Why do I get so tired ever so often?
The space I dissolve into fills me with . . . nothing
live anew?

What do I do? Where do I start from?
Who can give a reason to all my unanswered questions?

Success seems to elude me. What could I be doing wrong or not doing?

I must really lack imagination and commitment but then again. . .
"The Content Of Your Thought And Personal Belief". (http://en.facebox.com/isisneptune/blog/blogid=74184)

Thus... where do I go from here?
"Must I weep for goats and cowries"

I know I must pass through the jungle.
The jungle from whence I originated and thither shall I pass.

As I pass through the many faceted gems of life,
absorbing the different fragrance of experiences;
I begin to understand that "mans existence is a
reflection of what he thinks"

This is the full dawn of reality. I must supersede myself.
My limit is no where in sight. I know I can reach as far as
my mind can fathom. And that far I must reach.

I am willing to drop all attitude that negates growth
one at a time or maybe one a week

Successful I have to become
And Fear I shall drop.

Oh yes Fear, of things that are not,
except imagined by the weakness of my mind.
Strength I must seek, from the source whence it comes

And then she Spoke . . .
I Am In The Light From The Shadow of me

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