To Start A Business Sucessfully

Starting a Business is the beginning of a journey. You have
a destination and a way of travel. You have a travel agent

and you will have to deal with people along the way.

There may even be obstacles to overcome such as detours

begin a journey like this without a map? A map for a

business journey is called a business plan. A

business plan is the most important step in starting

your own business. You must have a plan in mind

and on paper to get loans any type of investing support.


Your first page will be a cover page that will have the

name of your business and the names and addresses

of all the people involved. The second page will be the

introduction. You will explain in a few simple sentences

what your business does and relate any of it's

accomplishments. Write any information that will

capture the imagination of the reader so that he will

read on! Also it could be good to let the reader know

what is needed from him.

Product or Service

Describe in detail your product.
Is it one of kind? Is your

way of marketing it unique? Is your location the best?

If any of these are true of your business now is the time

to express it. A simple drawing or a couple of

pictures may enhance this page.


You will not be able to travel without customers. They will

provide fuel for the trip. So who are the customers in

your business??? How many are there and how will you

find them? The more data and statistics that you have to

show that you really know your customers, the more

credibility you will have.

On the marketing side be specific about how much money

you will spend to get them to give you their hard earned

money for your product. What is your marketing



On this page you will build confidence in your reader.

What obstacles do you envision? What have you done

to prepare for them?


On a trip there are reservations to be made and itineraries

to create. Who will do this is your business? Name this

person and his credentials. This will show that a qualified

person is definitely in charge. What exactly will his

responsibilities include?

Financial Page

What are your financial expectations? Predict your

sales and list the expenses that will be incurred.

Subtract the second from the first. Hopefully you have

reached your destination. It is prudent to have an

attorney who is familiar with business law to evaluate

your final copy.
With your business plan completed you will be

able to convince your peers that you mean business.

You will impress upon your suppliers the need to be

ready for you. The bank will conclude that it will be

profitable for them to assist you on your journey. Most

of all you will keep yourself on tract by avoiding side

roads which lead to nowhere. This will help your

business succeed.


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