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Online Business Start-up Checklist and Guide.

Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli

Internet Access
If you're looking to start-up a business online, you need
unlimited, fast internet access. You also need an ISP that
allows you to send as much email as you want.

When you're shopping for a new ISP, be sure to ask them if
it's okay to grow your business with them. If they say yes,
make sure they know that this means holding them to their
promise of "unlimited use".

A Professional Email Program
A professional email program will allow you to utilize the
low-cost e-marketing methods that are essential to your
online business success.

Resources: These are the best email programs available on
the internet and they can be downloaded for free at the
following URL's

Your Own Domain Name
20 Reasons To Have Your Own Website
1. It improves your credibility as an Internet marketer.
2. Gives you the freedom to present and emphasize the
information you want the way you want to.
3. You can send e-mail using your chosen domain name.
4. Makes your training information and tips easily available
to your customers or affiliates . . . more

Unless you can learn to design a professional website yourself,
you'll need the help of a webmaster or at the bare minimum a
design program. The easiest route is to hire a webmaster with
experience and a proven portfolio.

Web Design Software: Now there are literally hundreds
of different web authoring programs available to new webmasters.
If you're considering a do-it-yourself web site and don't
know where to start, this will give you a bit of a jump start...
or try for free web design software

Jump Start your business: PlugInProfitSite
is a good place to start.

A merchant account and secure credit card ordering.
A smart Business has two merchant accounts:
1. To accept credit cards.
2. To Process prepaid payments from over 260 countries?
More Info:
Research shows that 1/3 (over 250 million). Internet
users are unable to pay online. Are you set up to receive
payment from over 260 countries?,

* Purchase Visa (Gift) Cards and pay instantly online

* Pay an e-gold merchant instantly online
* Fund your e-gold account with this card
* Fund your Graphcard account through e-gold
* Pay any merchant by sending US money order
* Pay any merchant by sending wire transfer/ACH
* Pay a Graphcard merchant instantly.
*Sell Goods and Services online
*Get a Virtual Office Address and Phone number

An Online Shopping Cart System
A good shopping cart system gives you control over your
products and services. If you're marketing on the web, you
need to offer secure transactions to your customers. If you
don't, you'll lose more sales than you can imagine.
Resources and additional info:
The PlugInProfitSite
comes with a shopping cart

Free Subscriptions
Subscribing to a constant flow of current information will
keep you informed and on top of the game.

Resources and additional info:
With an IAHBE (International Association of Home Business
Entrepreneurs)membership you can get lots of updates, articles,
latest downloads, and a bunch of other free stuff. Marketing.
Here you get thousand of current info to help your business grow.

SFI Marketing

Traffic Swarm
Click Bank

Proprietary Products and Services
The best way to maximize profits, whether in the real world
or online is to offer at least one product or service that
you own the rights to. Either create something that the
market demands or purchase exclusive rights. You can also
partner with other organisations.

Resources and additional info: You can save it to your desk
top or send it to a friend. Dotcomology
, Excellence Magazine

1. Marketing your own product or service gives you complete
control. You'll never have to worry about supply or pricing.
You control every aspect.
2. You maximize your profits by keeping nearly all of the
money from every sale.

Now, perhaps you already have a product or service in mind
for your online business. If not, here's an idea for you
to consider...
Click here to discover hidden secrets

A Reseller or Affiliate Program
This is an arrangement in which a company pays you a
percentage of the sale for every online customer they get
though a link from your website to yours (also an Associate,
Partner, Referral, or Revenue Sharing Program).

Your site needs one! This allows your happy customers
to refer others to your site and earn money in the process.
In turn, your marketing efforts are multiplied over and over.
The reason you're seeing affiliate programs popping up at
almost every major site, is because they work!

How to add income to your site
Add-on products and services are offered by third party
vendors.In order to see real growth from year to year,
online businesses must continually offer new products or
services. If you are unable to create something of your own,
you can find solid products and services related to yours
and resell them. Operating your own website is profitable
but promoting other peoples product is very profiting too.
Concentrate on products that create residual income for
your company, such as web hosting services or software.

Regularly scheduled email releases
E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses
electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or
fund-raising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense,
every email sent to a potential or current customer could be
considered email marketing. Sending e-mails with the purpose
of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current
or old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat
business transactions. The best way to accomplish this is
via your own email newsletter or tip sheet.

Whether you "stay in touch" weekly or monthly, the key
is to do it regularly and offer something that people
will want to read!

Link Popularity refers to the measure of the quantity and
quality of sites that link to your site from various search
engines such as Google, MSN, HotBot, etc. Search engines use
this data to help determine where your web page will rank
in the search results.

Link Usability
Hyperlinks are corridors that lead your customers from your
website to another destination. Those links don't always
pull them out of your profit vortex, however. Used
strategically, you can continue courting your own customers
using a carefully designed web of links. Check your link
popularity here:

Before you try to succeed at online marketing, get the
right tools for the job. There are software titles
available on the internet that will do just about any
task you can imagine.

Do you have something you can offer to interested parties
who find your website? People like free stuffs as a testing
ground for their ideas. You can offer free e-books,
newsletters, free training etc.

Click Here to Discover "Dotcomology" Now!

Advertising and Marketing Resources
Various Advertising Techniques
Tell-A-Friend, Opt-In List Building, Forum Signature Files,
Ezine Solo Ads Google AdWords, Newspaper Classified Ads,
Flyers, Article Distribution,
Blogging, Free Brandable e-book
Getting Links, Banner Ads etc.

You can jumpstart your business by getting a web host with
these complete packages and a step by step tutorial to
guide you through your new business.

Not to say the least it is important that you set your goals
and push on with persistence and determination.

Wishing you a successful business start-up!

About the Author:
To find the best home based business ideas
and opportunities so you can work at home visit:


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