Niche Marketing - Survey Your Niche

It is important that you dig deep and find the
most burning desires of your target market.
Survey Your Niche Market to Understand Buying
Habits. Spy on your competitor by creating a
special report and running a survey.

Steps To Follow

1. If you do not find out what people want,
and create a product on a whim, you could end
up with a dead duck product ( a product that
doesn't make any money).You then not only have
wasted your time and money but it can put you
right off the entire entrepreneurial activity
of making money online.

2.Survey your market to find out what they want
to buy, how much they want to pay, and what they
are likely to purchase.

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3. Create a free report as bait to collecting email
list or a reason why people will take the time to
fill out your survey

4. Study your competition. Look at their emails,
sales pages, websites and products. Also learn how
to recognize them and then incorporate them into
your business strategy.

5. Examine your niche to see what's being offered or
is missing. Try to dominate your niche on the internet
by offering something that is unique.

6.Observe the things you like and dislike about
similar businesses. This gives you an opportunity
to craft your image, product or service in a way that
totally distinguishes you in the marketplace.This is
how you make yourself different and develop your
own attractive brand.

PS: Various Niche Listing

Traffic Generation
Forum Hosting
Web Hosting
Article Submission
Article Distribution

Shopping Cart
Fashion, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry
coaching, self management, Small Business
computers, video, games,
Gardening, Landscaping, Home Improvement
Interior Design, Organizing, Home Management,
Home Security

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