Web Design Software: Making A Choice

Now there are literally hundreds of different web
authoring programs available to new webmasters

If you're considering a do-it-yourself web site and don't
know where to start, this will give you a bit of a jump start
... FRONTPAGE, Dream Weaver, or try download.com
for free web design software

Various reviews On Some Of The Best web-design software
for non-pros.

Get a web host that provide a full "Business In-A-Box" Solution
No web host bits this. You are also paid for hosting

1. Blue Voda Website Builder:

It promises a "build your own website in "30 minutes".

a. No HTML web design knowledge required (Easy to Use - Drag/Drop)
b. Pre - designed website templates included (Create Unlimited Pages)
c. "One Click Publishing" Go live on the internet in seconds!
d. Create an Unlimited number of Websites (No Restrictions)

2. homestead.com: Free to Try

a. Lots of custom built templates to choose from. WYSIWYG
Editor (What You See is what you Get: As you work on your

Easy customisation of templates WYSIWYG.

3. ABCWebWizard Web Design

ABCWebWizard web design makes web page development
easy. Professional web development in seconds.

a. WYSIWYG editor. Easy to use.
b. Interactive drop down menus customizable web templates
3. JavaScript toolbox to make JavaScript, Java games etc


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